Evil Religions Unmasked

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About the author

Eloy Colombo

Mr. Colombo is the authentic scholar who keeps bringing us what only the elite knows.

As a global investor he fixed his errors in investing when he began to seek for the laws of economics years ago because although the market seems chaotic and also manipulated, he couldn't believe in it because when we look at the market we see clearly the assets price's behavior and limits.

So, he went to study economics, history, and financial issues, while he was investing.

What did he meet?

The 4 main laws of economics, discovered by León Walras over 150 years ago.

Those laws rule every relationship between all of us and all that results from these relationships, include all economic and financial issues.

So, he did a "reading" of Walras' hard work to explain each event in our lives, principally professional, economic and financial to take people to understand and get success in their lives.

In the book, he "built" the entire economy, piece by piece, including the financial market, and explain how it works.

For certain you will enjoy it!