Mine for the Value - Introduction to Product Management for Retail/Consumer Banking

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About the author


Daniel brings a wealth of demon- strable hands-on knowledge gar- nered from over 15 years of product management experience from Uni- versal Merchant and Standard Char- tered Banks.

He spent several years working with Nestle Ghana, an FMCG com- pany, where he worked on various distribution, marketing and sales pro- jects. In his role as the National Sales Training Manager, he was responsible for developing a dynamic, skilled and proactive salesforce who were key to the company’s distribution strategy.

As Head of Deposits and Cards
at Standard Chartered Bank, Daniel grew a $250million deposit book
to $320 million within two years, ramped up the online/POS card usage by 200% and achieved a Visa case study status for a card campaign.

He consistently grew fee income on products throughout his tenure. He initiated, structured and launched two industry-first innovative term deposit products which continue to be flag- ships in the deposit portfolio.

As Head of Liabilities and Trans- actions at Universal Merchant Bank, his accountability involved owning the product lifecycles of both deposits and e-channels from concept through launch and defining success measure- ments, tracking and communicating KPIs on same. The role involved monthly forecasting of each line item within the deposit and fees P&L, risk identification and teaming up with compliance/legal to steer product governance.

A panellist at Harvard’s African Business Conference on ‹Building Quality Companies That Cross Afri- can Borders’, Daniel brings a practical entrepreneurship approach to this book and reinforces business orien- tation required in the contemporary treatment of product management. He is also a keen enthusiast of application of technology in all spheres of life.

In his free moments, you’ll most likely find him playing his favourite sport; tennis.

‘A social tennis match does not hold value financially, but it’s priceless in the social connections it brings along’, quips Daniel.