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THE BELIEF IN Angels, Dylan's debut novel, was written over the course of many years while she attempted a number of BFA-related jobs, including: waitressing, teaching, corporate training, nursing, interior design, parenting and reluctant housewifery.

Dylan volunteered with Boulder County's Voices for Children program as a CASA for 15 years and now volunteers with the Girls Rising program as a mentor.

Dylan’s next novel, Szaja’s Story, follows Szaja's quest to reunite with his family and escape to America while revealing the intrigue of the post-war Parisian couture houses. exposing the horrors of the Madjanek death camp and the gripping mystery of the tragically, doomed Mefkura, torpedoed while carrying Nazi camp survivors, including over WWII 100 orphans.   

THE BELIEF IN Angels won the 2015 THEODOR S. GEISEL AWARD, the 2015 SAN DIEGO BOOK AWARD, the 2015 INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARD and for adapted Young Adult version: the 2015 IPPY AWARD, the 2015 KINDLE BOOK AWARD, the 2014 USA BEST BOOK AWARD and the 2015 LEAPFROG PRESS AWARD

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