The Power of Three

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Xaviera Snow

Xaviera Snow is an American author of steamy romance and scintillating erotica, a wry witticist, and unapologetic provocateur. Her turn ons are progressive thinkers, self-deprecating word jugglers, and Rocky Road ice cream with a side of snark. Her turn offs include tunnel visionists, blind believers, people who never ask 'Why?’, and men who leave their socks on. She enjoys, strangely enough, news and politics, which she contends should never be watched either sober or clothed, and she loves to laugh, dance in the moonlight, and take chances. Xaviera is an appreciator of seasoned men with stories to tell, and younger men in need of stories to tell....

She indulges adult fantasy in all her books, and sprinkles in a bit of reality for a little spice. The fun is in figuring out which sexy tidbits are erotic imaginings, and which are juicy secrets revealed. One thing is sure, each Xaviera Snow title has a real story. In her own words, "My most sensitive erogenous zone is my mind. So go ahead, baby, blow my mind!"