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Richard Galli

In college and after, I trained and worked as a journalist. In 1976 I jumped tracks and became a civil litigation lawyer.

I closed the firm’s office after my son became paralyzed in 1998. Jeff is still paralyzed, but he needs more than 16 terabytes of drive space to hold  a portion of his smarts. His sister Sarah is in New York, rocking a vivacious urban lifestyle I couldn’t survive.

I’m a Vietnam veteran (Army-trained Vietnamese interpreter); and I also spent time as a freelance correspondent embedded with Army soldiers performing missions in Iraq.

In recent years I have written comic stuff almost exclusively. Things being the way they are now, I need humor more than I need oxygen. As an author I have to read my own drafts over and over, and I want to be smiling every time. Let someone else corner the market on grim. Let someone else sear your soul or boil your hormones. I want you to take a chuckling ride on a literary race track that’s as slick as oiled ice.

I was motivated to rev up my book-writing engine again while I was a Fellow at The MacDowell Colony. When God decides to rebuild heaven, he (or she) will use The MacDowell Colony as the template.

I currently divide my time between writing, practicing law, deconstructing wheelchairs and messing with websites. I also have a small sailboat, and often boast that I have never run it hard aground more than twice in one day.