Mhel'Sargonus: The Eternal Wizard

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About the author

Tim Conley

Tim Conley really began writing at the young age of six when he would recount his daydreams to whoever would listen.  His authoritarian father discouraged this and any other action that smelled of books and reading.  Tim would sneak into any hidden away corner and escape through the avenue of reading and was known as a loner and dreamer by his classmates, preferring his own company and that of “made-up characters” to that of friends.  Now at age 73, Tim has a huge amount of material to draw from to create his own settings and characters.

Tim is still a loner, living with his wife and lover, Carmela Santos (a teacher from the Philippines).  He would like to run a small ranch with a couple of horses, some pigs, and chickens.

Tim is satisfied to live the quiet life of a simple man.  He studied writing at the University College at Memphis State University.  The fact is he enjoys writing more than all the other things he has accomplished in life.

Teaching for inner city schools has provided excitement in his life, but he has configured a quiet place where he can sit at the computer during the evening to recount his “thoughts of the day...dream.”

Tim has published over 70 books so far.  He is an accomplished ghostwriter – having published story lines for David Paffrath, Ron Davis and Carmela Santos-Conley.  He has also published three doctoral theses and recently added a new face: Nicole Wendroth to his list of published individuals.

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