Salamada Appreciation Society: A collaborative anthology

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About the author

Chrissy Garwood

Greetings from Tasmania, Australia.

Thank you for looking at my book. Publishing a novel was a childhood ambition, one that I set aside a long time ago. Since then, I have added wife and mother, student, childcare educator, visual artist and chaplain to my list of achievements. To help me appreciate the brighter moments, God has guided me through dark days in the wilderness, where my faith has been tested.

I have learned a lot about myself and my ambitions while writing this book. The confidence I have gained as a storyteller has enriched my character. I believe it has made me a humbler disciple of Jesus Christ, a more determined encourager, a better friend.

When I first lost myself to the rediscovered joy of writing, my horizons expanded. My fictional world became populated with characters who whispered their stories to me.

This was how A River Wild series was born.