The Wolf & Lamb

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Joslyn Chase

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Joslyn Chase is a prize-winning author of mysteries and thrillers. Any day where she can send readers to the edge of their seats, chewing their fingernails to the nub and prickling with suspense, is a good day in her book.

Joslyn's love for travel has led her to ride camels through the Nubian desert, fend off monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar, and hike the Bavarian Alps. But she still believes that sometimes the best adventures come in getting the words on the page and in the thrill of reading a great story.

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Joslyn is a regular contributor on The Write Practice and believes in the power of story. She writes a blog on the subject which you can find on her website. Connect with Joslyn at and visit the Joslyn Chase YouTube channel to see trailers for many of her books.