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David Meyer

Once, I almost skied right off a mountainside.

​​​​​​​It was my first time, and I had no idea how close I was to the edge. Only a sudden, spectacular wipeout saved my life. I didn’t mean to crash, by the way. Heck, I didn’t even know I needed to crash. It just … happened.
I have lots of stories like that. I suspect most people do. Some would call them “luck” or “happenstance.” But I believe in an almighty Creator. As we speak, He’s writing an epic story—the story—of which I’m just a bit character. Someday, He’ll finish my chapter. But until then, I’ll trust Him through every gift and reversal, every plot twist and cliffhanger.
I grew up in the suburbs of northern Virginia as a noted “underachiever.” I spent much of my childhood inventing games. My absolute favorite one was Mysteries, in which I’d stage crimes with my cousins, leaving a trail of clues, evidence, and suspects for one of them to unravel.
During my teens, my folks embarked on a series of moves, which took us to more homes than I can remember. But in general, I spent my high school and collegiate years in Upstate New York. After earning a couple of advanced degrees, I made my way to Wall Street, where I realized what a mistake I’d made and promptly retired!
I love Christ and seek to glorify Him. I also love to create. Besides writing, I enjoy journaling, drawing, building playsets and marble mazes, and coming up with funny voices for my kids. Regardless, my faith flows through everything I do, often in ways I don’t recognize until long after the fact.
I love my family and togetherness. And I do everything I can to resist the spirit of atomization that animates our age. Every day, I count myself blessed to call Julie my wife. We have two wonderful children, Ryden and Ember, and make our home in the second largest city in northern New England (i.e. the very small city of Nashua, New Hampshire!).
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