Enemy Bloodline

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About the author

Umar Quadeer

Was raised in North Philadelphia, at a time were the city was the murder capital of the United States. At the age of 13 Umar moved to Sacramento California where he was introduced to Crips and Bloods. A year later he moved back to Philly with a gangster mentality. At 6 years old Umar learned how to walk and at the age of 9 his father taught him how to write. It was lyrics that he was taught to write, memorize and recite. At the age of 16 Umar was a powerful name in Philly performing on stage with the late notorious B.I.G., Mob deep, and the roots.

Umar was surrounded by violence drugs and oppression, so he fought back and became a victim of his environment. Umar spent ten years of his life in and out of prison. But in 2005 while doing time in the FEDS. He began writing stories from being bored in his cell every night. Umar was released from prison only to return 18 months later. Then and there he grew angry with his self and decided to build his craft of writing. He joined a novel writing class and earned a certificate and began to write

 book per month. He was determined to go home from jail and become successful with his writing career. Through the grace of god, he was released in 2012 and self-published his first novel and scored a publishing deal with the Queen of Street literature Wahida Clark.

Umar Quadeer writes from his experiences in the streets, real life events but changed to protect the innocence, creativity and passion which puts him in his own category of what he calls Real-Fiction.