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About the author

Yuwanda Black

I've been a reader of romance novels since I was a pre-teen. I've read hundreds of them.

"Everybody wants to be loved."

This is the enduring theme of all romance novels. We all want to be loved and accepted for exactly who and what we are.

And that's the beauty of love – it keeps the hope alive in each of us that there is someone out there, somewhere, who will love what is unique about us. This is what keeps me reading romance, after romance, after romance.

Professional Background

I've been a freelance writer – for businesses – since 1993. More about my businesses can be found below.

A Romance Writer Is Born

I wrote my first romance novel in 2013 (3 Weeks 'til Forever). I decided to give this type of writing a try because the title popped into my head one day and just wouldn't let go.

After finishing up several more romances, I realize that I've finally found my calling. I love reading – and now writing and publishing – love stories.

In 2014, I formed Inkwell Editorial Publishing to bring as many stories to readers like you as possible. I hope you enjoy reading these novels as much as I enjoy bringing them to you – whether they’re written by me, or by one of our ghost writers.

My Businesses

New Media Words ( is my online writing company.

I also publish, the leading web portal for info on how to start a successful freelance writing career. I've self-published over 50 non-fiction ebooks, mostly on the business of freelance writing, self-publishing and internet marketing.

My writing online writing courses can be found at

My fiction titles (romance) can be found at