22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree

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Darrell Gibbs

Darrell Gibbs

Author of '22 steps IN researching your family tree'

Darrell was born in Korbecke, West Germany in 1956 – his father was in the Canadian Army stationed in Soest in northern part of the country. He grew up on army bases during the sixties and early seventies until his father retired. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1974 and was posted to various bases in Canada and was posted to Lahr, Germany for five years. Darrell retired after a successful career from the Canadian Armed Forces and the Public Service after 38 years as a chef and kitchen manager.  He has a diploma for a Computer Technician earning him the Presidents Honour Award at Sir Sanford Fleming College.

Darrell is the loving father of three children and five grandchildren. He has many hobbies such as playing guitar, woodworking, renovating, reading, collecting hockey memorabilia, reading and writing. Darrell is a forever devoted Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Darrell co-authored the book Tormented by Ghosts - True Life Experiences with Lynda Bogert. After completing the book he began writing Wessex Reign which is a fictional historical book with paranormal themes. Wessex Reign - A Fictional Account of an Anglo-Saxon King's Chronicle with a planned book release in 2018. Darrell has been researching the period so that readers will be consumed into the story with the many different characters in the book wanting more. Wessex Reign will be a part of a series where updates will follow with the future release date of the book. The book will be part of a series called the United Englaland Series.