Set the Malign to Fail the Benign

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About the author

Khalid AlKhaja

 Khalid A. AlKhaja is an informed and proud 54-year-old Sunni Muslim, born in 1966 in the United Arab Emirates (a magnificent multi-culture and multi-national country of choice). He had the honor to study and graduate in the United States of America as an electronics engineer. He has accumulated 30+ years of project management experience and had the honor of managing, building, and contributing to many power-generation, desalination, transmission, distribution, civil, nuclear, and renewable-energy projects.

The author witnessed the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, the Iranian revolution, the Islamic Renaissance in the Gulf, both Gulf wars, the 9/11 attacks in the USA, the USA-led invasion of Afghanistan, the USA-led invasion of Iraq, the 2008 financial crisis, the rise of ISIS, rise of far-right European populists, the USA-led Arab Spring, the NATO-led invasion of Libya, and the UAE/Israel Peace Agreement. Khalid is honored to have many peace-loving Christian, Jewish, Shiite Muslim, and Hindu friends, and he is open to other religions and cultures. Set the Malign to Fail the Benign is the author’s first book.