Seductive General

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About the author

Sufi Yoni dabutcher

Artist, photographer, writer (obviously) musician.  I lover of coffee and jewelry  as well as Halloween and writing.  Tattoo addicted.     Moon Capricorn ♑️  Sun Aquarius ♒️  rising libra ♎️      Where wigs instead of her natural hair.   Pagan.  Naturally female  (she/ her)
Tattoo designer, tattoo hunter, fbi nut, juggalette, survivor, musician, rapper.  I most time dappled in erotica and romance.   I writer is on my mind as it should be. I am part asian and arab as well as white.  I brutally honest with everything and damn. Proud of it.  As well as it’s important to be honest.  
I have been round meaning seen it all, done it all been there. And I have no regrets.  

Remember behind every successful wicked clown lies a pac of haters

Try to live by fidelity Bravery Integrity 
Remeber the 7c’s