Fraidy - True Stories from a Sassy Cat

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Philip E. Burrow


Philip is a former newspaper reporter, advertising salesman, and newspaper publisher (antiques) turned book writer, and has published twelve non-fiction books. He and words have a history, and have been on and off, hot and cold. They've had break-ups and make-ups. During all this, he lived in Seagrove, Wilmington, Robbins, Raleigh, and Greensboro, all North Carolina towns, in that order. Then, being still young and dumb, and feeling practically invincible, he tried Richmond, VA, Phoenix, AZ, and Hot Lanta, Georgia, called Atlanta by some folks. Ten years ago he landed in Florida, close to a mouse with big ears, and today feels right at home. 

He has also owned and operated a bookstore hosted by Amazon for fifteen years. Stocked with some 15,000 titles of all genres, it may be today visited at