Mafia Hairdresser

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Jon-David is a Chicago Social Media 'Twilebrity,' co-founder of Made In Chicago Speakers Bureau, Salon & Pro-Beauty Brand Trainer and host of #SalonSpaChat,the online Twitter-chat which brings together beauty industry professionals around the world. Executive producer of 'Judy The Show.'
A noted novelist, Jon-David also writes social media books for beauty industry.
Also known as Mafia Hairdresser: Jon-David once worked for cocaine trafficers as a hairdresser in the 1980s, hence his first book, the well-reviewed novel: "Mafia Hairdresser."
"The Glow Stick Gods," Jon-David's second novel, 2012 runner-up Best Indie eBook, is a fictional account of the friends accrued as a world traveling writer such as, Michael Jackson (not the celebrity), the man who killed a cab driver with his own cab in Chicago.
50 Days Turning 50 is Jon-David's first autobiographic humorous look at ageing for men. 
Jon-David's next novel will be "Murder, There's an App for That." Social networking stalkers and murder by iPhone App. Based on true stories such as the murder one of one of Jon-David's best friends.

Jon-David is an actual hairdresser for the social media stars of Chicago and is a Second City trained actor. He's sold one screenplay and has had one hit play! 
"Humor is good. It coats the cognitive palate so that the serious and scary can be digested more easily.
That's why most of my writing has a laugh or two in it, even if what I am writing is serious." - Jon-David