Fall From Grace

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Meera R.

Hello there! Since you visited my author page, perhaps you are curious to know about me. I'm glad! Connecting heart to heart with someone who likes my work makes me feel so rewarded, like all the time and effort spent in writing was worth it.

I am an Indian girl. I write anonymously to tell the story of my own trauma. There are just so many things I can never tell people around me, so I just pen them down in the form of stories. I've had a rough life but I eventually found love, so that's what my stories are about - love, pain, passion, trauma, and fierce loyalty.

My book 'Dark Seduction' (will be published soon) is the first story I ever wrote and it is the closest to my heart and my reality, closely followed by 'Stolen Innocence' that is the third book in the series 'Love and Venom'. The character that resembles me the most is Pari, while Armaan and Meera are a reflection of the darkness of my soul. Some parts of my novels are inspired by real people and real incidents, and some are imaginary. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what's real and what isn't. If my work touched you in some way, or if you would just like say hi, drop me an email. My email ID is written on the 'Afterword' page of each of my novel. I would love to respond!

I've started a new series named 'Lily's Journey: Innocent wife to Hucow' for folks who prefer candid erotica without a complex plot. This steamy tale is pure imagination of my kinky mind. In In the Hucow series, there's never a dull moment, so if you are looking for something salacious and titillating right away, this series is for you!