About the author

Wayne Hill

<p><strong>Wayne Hill is an enigma, little is known of this unreal wizard of words. Some say his powers come from an alien squid he carries in a backpack- it frequently swears at him, putting&#160;him down at any given opportunity. Others believe him to be completely insane and would do anything to stop him from mingling with normal people, or mildly nerdy people, or even the dregs of humanity, just about anyone really. Whatever the case may be, his status as genius has now been secured with this unbelievable literary accomplishment. He's turned down all the awards for this book&#160;because it's too good for awards. Awards don't even do his work justice. Justice doesn't do his work justice. His book now&#160;exists as a lawless cowboy shooting anyone down who staggers into his saloon of literary accomplishment.....Wayne Hill definitely didn't write this too...... no way.</strong></p>