About the author

Alexandra J. Davis

<p>Alexandra J. Davis&#160;was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma and was raised in a Christian household&#160;as an only child. She graduated from Baylor University in December of 2017, with a degree in Corporate Communications. While at Baylor, she ran collegiately as a scholarship athlete as she&#160;discovered what she wanted to do with her life. Quickly she found her love for writing,&#160;speaking, and serving others.&#160;</p><p>Recognizing that God was calling her into a unique path of ministry her senior year, she made the changes in her life needed, to&#160;follow God's will. She is now is pursuing her Master's in&#160;Christian Apologetics at Oklahoma Baptist University. Living in&#160;Oklahoma City, Oklahoma she is&#160;continually taking next steps toward full-time&#160;ministry.&#160;</p>