About the author

Mark Belfry

<p>When the writing didn&rsquo;t come when he asked for it as a young man, Mark Belfry accepted the career that offered, a joyfully eclectic leadership path through diverse industries, until returning eventually to where he&rsquo;d started, sharing ideas in word form, now armed with the confidence of experience.</p><p>Through it all there have been three constants: service to people; daily 4 AM meditation that brought him ever closer to the constant light, and from which the Farmer lately emerged; and his partner, Tricia, without whom, who knows?&nbsp;</p><p>The Farmer would say that we are one, and that our purpose is to discover this in a meaningful way and then live it. And there Mark&rsquo;s work continues.</p><p>Come share the way and follow the Farmer at www.markbelfry.com.</p>