About the author

Christopher Hunter

<p>When I was in the second or third grade when I noticed my mother&#39;s determination to finish John Grisham&#39;s &quot;The Firm&quot; after its film adaptation was released. Seeing how she couldn&#39;t put the book down made me consider writing. I wanted to create a world where people could escape from their lives and come across characters that&nbsp;are interesting, and&nbsp;relatable.&nbsp; The genre to write had yet to be chosen.&nbsp; As a kid I devoured &quot;Great Expectations&quot;,&nbsp;&quot;Oliver Twist&quot;,&nbsp;&quot;The Hound of Baskervilles&quot;, &quot;The Boxcar Kid&nbsp;s Mysteries&quot;, and other novels ranging from mysteries, epics, and Southern Gothic. I thought writing was a childhood fantasy that went ignored for several years.&nbsp;In high school I was introduced me to&nbsp;Mary Higgins Clark, America&rsquo;s queen of suspense. Seeing how she weaves a story was another seed planted. After&nbsp;high school I attended Louisiana Tech University where I majored in computer information systems.&nbsp; My writing skills were sharpened when I took English 101 and 102 in 2007 and 2008. My confidence in my writing skills &nbsp;was reignited when my godfather told me that writing is my calling. I dismissed his suggestion because writing is dicey, a game few people win at.&nbsp;The goal of receiving my college degree was fulfilled, but I found myself wanting to know what to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to go to college, get my degree, and was blessed to receive my bachelor&rsquo;s degree without the crushing weight of student loans hanging over my head. I started working at JP Morgan Chase when writing overwhelmed. I had to write or blog about any idea that came to mind.&nbsp; A former supervisor and a friend convinced me to go the indie&nbsp;route. I&nbsp;love fashioning a world with words that allow to expand my creativity and feed my soul. When &quot;Engaged To Be Murdered&quot; was published on various websites I was ecstatic. I love writing for numerous reasons. Writing is oxygen for me, it&rsquo;s my blood supply and allows me to share my Christian faith which the characters use to solve the murders they come across in &quot;The James Ellis Mystery Series&quot;.&nbsp; As I sit here talking about this mystery series I am excited where the novels take me. There are times where I don&#39;t even&nbsp;know how the stories pan out which makes journaling, outlining ideas, and crafting character a grand adventure.&nbsp;</p>