About the author

Janet Sketchley

<p>Janet Sketchley is an Atlantic Canadian writer who likes her fiction with a splash of mystery or adventure and a dash of Christianity. Why leave faith out of our stories if it’s part of our lives? You can find Janet online at janetsketchley.ca.<br><br>Random facts: Janet's super-power is untangling yarn and Slinkies™; there are over 50 varieties of tea in her house; she's Canadian but she worked at the busiest McDonalds in London, England; she's taken basic fencing lessons; and she once rode an elephant.<br><br>She's also a wife, mom, daughter, friend, neighbour… a Christian growing in faith, trying to balance relationships and responsibilities. Can you relate?<br><br>​​​​​​​If you enjoy Christian suspense, you're invited to sign up for her&nbsp;author newsletter at&nbsp;bit.ly/JanetSketchleyNews.&nbsp;</p>