About the author

Beth Barany

<p>Award-winning author, Beth Barany writes in two genres: young adult fantasy and magical&nbsp;contemporary romance.</p><p>Inspired by living abroad in France twice and Quebec once, she loves creating magical tales of romance and adventure to enchant&nbsp;readers into new worlds where anything is possible.</p><p>In her off hours, Beth enjoys walking, reading and watching movies, and traveling, with her husband, author and singer/song writer Ezra Barany.</p><p>Beth Barany lives in Oakland, California with her husband, a cat named Leo, and over 1,000 books.</p><p>When not writing or playing, Beth runs her&nbsp;own company helping novelists as a book midwife&nbsp;and teacher to help them write, market, and publish their books. She holds authors&rsquo; hands while they push their book out into the world. More resources here:&nbsp;http://author.bethbarany.com/bio-beth-barany/resources-for-authors/.</p><p><span style="line-height:1.6">More about Beth at http://author.bethbarany.com.</span></p>