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Rodney Stamps

<p>Rodney Stamps was diagnosed with stage 3b Non-Hodgkin&#39;s Lymphoma cancer in 2005 at the age of 38, and was given only 90 Days to Live. &quot;You&#39;re going to die&quot; was the solemn verdict from numerous MDs, who promised only to briefly extend Rodney&#39;s life with conventional chemotherapy treatments. With both a growing family and business, and so much living still to do, Rodney&#39;s response to the no-hope prognosis? &quot;I don&#39;t think so.&quot; Rodney opted not to do chemo or radiation, and surgery wasn&#39;t an option, so he and his wife Paige went on a mission to find an alternative &quot;answer to cancer&quot;. In the end, they&#39;d beaten the cancer and built a million dollar fire and life-safety business. Rodney and Paige are now cancer patient advocates, and their mission is to educate others about non-toxic alternatives to traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They have co-authored three books: 90 Days to Live: Beating Cancer When Modern Medicine Offers No Hope. The Cancer Answer: The Proven Protocol with a 97% Success Rate, and The Healthy Body Cookbook: A Tasty Collection of Healing Cancer Fighting Recipes. Rodney is a health coach, speaker, blogger, and he and Paige are co-founders of AttackingCancer.org.</p>