About the author

Nyka Burne

<p>Hi my pen name is Nyka Burne. I am originally from Barbados. I am one out of three girls. I moved to the United States with my family at the rip age of nine in the 1990s and lived in the states ever since then. I have a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health. I do not have a background in writing and never thought about having one until now. When writing this novel I thought that it would be cool to put a little bit of my heritage in it and the things that I loved most from my country.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>I am an avid reader and enjoy all different genres of books. I can not remember a time when I didn&rsquo;t pick up a book and read. Books are my escape from reality and it gives me a break from what&rsquo;s really going on in my life just for that few moments to a couple of hours when reality needs to kick back in. I have a deep love for paranormal romance and young adult fantasies. I started to write recently for fun and decided to take a leap at it. This is my very first written novel. I really hope you enjoyed reading it. There&rsquo;s more to come, so look out for it !!!!!!!</p> <p></p>