About the author

Juniper Leigh

<p> Juniper Leigh is an erotica writer from New York City, eager to tell all. Her writing &mdash; steamy and salacious though it may be &mdash; is meant to empower women to explore the depths of their desires. She is a devoted feminist (indeed, her day job is in advocacy for women in the arts) and she believes that ownership of what gets you off is a deeply affirming and empowering act (including when the thing that gets you off is submission). Orgasms are widely known to have lasting health benefits so, really, smut-writing is somewhat of a public service.</p> <p> Juniper Leigh is a pen name, an alter ego, but the woman behind the name is just as committed to the written word. Plays, novels, short stories, articles &mdash; she does it all.</p>