About the author

C.L. Devine

<p>C.L. Devine has been all over the country searching for his dream, only to find out it was in his hometown the entire time.</p><p>He has traveled cross country, survived heart stopping trauma and numerous near death experiences.</p><p>The early years of his life were lived on the edge of his seat. It all begins in the Lilac City, Spokane, Washington and continues with a lifetime collection of stories.</p><p>This is the beginning of a Trilogy that will let you in on 50 years of unbelievable secrets.</p><p>C.L. Devine is now in pursuit of bringing other&#39;s stories to life while creating new adventures of his own through books and small film projects.</p><p>More information can be found at:</p><p>www.facebook.com/authorcldevine</p><p>www.akkadianmediagroup.com</p>