About the author

Bonnie K.T. Dillabough

<p>At 16 years old I started having a recurring dream that pestered me most of my life. &nbsp;Time and time again I would discuss the dream with people I thought were wiser than me and time and time again the repeated answer came, "No idea. &nbsp;I've never heard of such a thing."<br><br>At age 63 after having the dream once again I decided that maybe if I wrote it down it might leave me alone. &nbsp;I did so and filed it on my desktop, but didn't think of it again until I started hanging out with published authors.<br><br>Mercedes S. Lackey told me at one point, when I confessed to her that I had often considered writing a book, "Put your butt in the chair and write!" &nbsp;It was some of the best advice I had ever gotten. &nbsp;<br><br>In search of material to write about I stumbled upon that dusty text file about my dream and the rest is history. &nbsp;From it came the science fiction - fantasy series "The Dimensional Alliance" beginning with "The House on Infinity Loop". &nbsp;Now, at the launch of "The Infinite Publishing Alliance, I find myself grateful for the events leading up to setting myself upon this path.<br><br><strong>To my readers: &nbsp;Never give up on your dream. &nbsp;The first book in this series was published two weeks before my 64th birthday. &nbsp;It is never too late. &nbsp;There are many more to come.</strong><br></p>