About the author

Marie Scioscia

Proper nutrition enriches, fulfills, and completes all other health systems…medical, chiropractic, fitness, acupuncture, and massage…It is the foundation upon which all health is established. Marie’s approach is based in science and translated into real life for a unique program that is doable for you!<br><br>Marie Elena Scioscia, M.S., R.D., CDN. is a Luigi trained former dancer, registered dietitian, and certified fitness professional who seeks to inspire the young dancer who wishes to have a healthy and long dance career though proper nutrition and diet. Her extensive experience includes work in the clinical, non clinical, and corporate settings including The Heart Group at Beth Israel Hospital, Manhattan Plaza Health Club, the American Red Cross, and Group Health Incorporated among other venues.<br><br>Marie is currently the nutritionist at the Alvin Ailey School, has worked with the New York City Ballet’s wellness group, and also has contributed and written for Dance Spirit and Pointe magazines. In addition to lecturing for Complexions Contemporary Ballet, the Martha Graham School and other organizations, Marie has a private practice as a dietitian for dancers and non-dancers in both New York and New Jersey.