About the author

Judith Ashley

<p>Judith, in her real life, has been a part of sacred women&rsquo;s circles for over twenty years and knows first-hand how important spirituality is when dealing with life&rsquo;s challenges.</p><p>Her imagination has always been active and through books she&rsquo;s been a princess rescued from the tower by the handsome knight, a missionary in India, explorer in the Amazon jungle, a priestess of the Goddess, and a nun to name a few. She&rsquo;s lived with people from all walks of life including different tribes of indigenous people on five continents in tents, wood cabins, igloos, castles, mansions, high-rise apartments, penthouses, dungeons, basements, and cottages.</p><p>Then one day in Judith&rsquo;s real life, the stories that make up The Sacred Women&rsquo;s Circle series flooded through her in daydreams, lucid dreams, and conversations so real at times she wondered about her sanity. It was a compelling experience! An experience that was a catalyst to starting her journey to tell these stories and see them published.</p><p>Judith&rsquo;s prayer for you:</p><p><strong><em>Each and every day of your life may you find joy, may you see beauty, may you experience wonder, and may you know you are unconditionally loved.</em></strong></p><p></p>