About the author

Karen Kelley

<p> It didn&#39;t take me long to discover how things worked in the publishing world.&nbsp; You write a book, you mail it off, you get rejected, you write another book.&nbsp; I did this for six years until, one day I talked my husband into mailing my manuscript for me.&nbsp; I couldn&#39;t take one more look of pity from the postal workers.&nbsp; Being the loving husband that he is, Karl mailed Bachlor Party to Hillary Sares at Kensington to be considered for the Precious Gem line on a Tuesday.&nbsp; On Friday of that same week, Hillary called to offer a contract.</p> <p> Wow!&nbsp; Wouldn&#39;t it be great if everything if life was that easy? Publishing can be a rocky road with lots of highs and lows but, oh, what a fun trip!&nbsp; I love writing.</p> <p> When I&#39;m not writing, I love doing crafts, and I&#39;ll try just about anything.&nbsp; At present I&#39;m scrap booking and making necklaces.&nbsp; The necklaces are amature at bestfbut I&#39;m hoping to improve over time.&nbsp; We&#39;ll see.</p> <p> I&#39;m country all the way.&nbsp; I love antiques, embroidered scarves, crocheted doilies and quilts.</p> <p> I met the love of my life when we were kids, we were married when we were kids even though everyone said it wouldn&#39;t last.&nbsp; That was almost 45 years ago and Karl is still my very best friend.&nbsp; We have two fabulous children who married fabulous people who gave us four wonderful grandchildren that we can spoil--then return to the peace and quiet of our home.</p> <p> I hope you enjou my website.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>