About the author

Karen Hughes

<p>Karen Hughes is the author of the&nbsp;Kalika Magic&nbsp;series for children aged 9+, exploring themes of courage, resilience and the power of the imagination. Karen grew up on a cattle station on the Liverpool Plains, where she spent her childhood climbing trees, riding horses and reading magical books. She attended a primary school with only 6 pupils, before being packed off to boarding school at age 12. Karen has been a lawyer, a herbalist and a web designer, but being a storyteller is her favourite job. She now lives in the Hunter Valley.<br /> <br /> #1 &#39;Emerald Child&#39; explores earth magic and the power of the four elements - earth, water, air and fire.&nbsp;<br /> #2 &#39;The Shaman&#39;s Secret&#39; is a quest into the mountains in search of a mysterious shaman.&nbsp;<br /> #3 &#39;The Sorrow of the Waters&#39; is a thrilling journey, with the spirits of the water grieving over the destruction of the land.&nbsp;<br /> #4, &#39;The Howling Sands&#39; is an exhilarating adventure, where the children encounter wind spirits, sand ghosts and shadow animals, and learn more about themselves and their magical world.</p>