About the author

Jo Kusi

<p>Jo Kusi is a London based author who has been creating stories from the very tender age of eleven. After many years as a management consultant in corporate Britain, Jo now pursues his dream of authoring children&rsquo;s books.</p> <p>Being born in West Africa, in a home where storytelling was customary, had a lasting impression on Jo who now draws inspiration from the many stories he was told as a child. He has now authored dozens of short pieces, poems and stage plays.&nbsp;</p> <p>His true passion is for children&rsquo;s books, with &lsquo;Jordan and the Dancing Hippo&rsquo; being his debut publication. Having worked with children for years, Jo uses a unique writing style that makes it easy for children to learn to read while stirring up their imagination.</p> <p>When Jo is not writing, he is dreaming up another new exciting story or spending time with his family of three.</p>