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Mindy Joy

<p>Hi I&rsquo;m Mindy!</p><p>I&rsquo;m married to Brad and the mother of Grace, age 8 and Cate, age 5. I currently reside in Kansas City, MO and am a certified personal trainer and certified health coach. I am a proud recovering food addict who has gone to hell and back with my struggles. It wasn&rsquo;t until I developed self-love that I was able to overcome my issues with food and body image. Now I&rsquo;m helping women let go of the excuses, and step into their powerful, authentic selves. I believe in you and if you are here, then chances are you are ready to take the first step. The first step can be scary, but we all have to start somewhere girlfriend, so come on and let&rsquo;s get started!</p>