About the author

Nebojsa Borkovich

Nebojsa Borkovich was born in Belgrade Serbia,Finished elementary school in Zadar,Croatia and immigrated to U.S in 1973.Completed education at Bryant&Stratton Institute(Commercial Art} in Buffalo,NY.Since 1991 he acquired a passion for travel and adventure---sailing in particular.Undertook a solo voyage in 1991 from San Diego to Hawaii and was shipwrecked on the Kona Coast of the 'Big Island'.Shortly after the amazing UFO events described in 'FOLLOWED' he got involved in a serious research and pursuit of truth regarding this mysterios phenomenon.In process he was intruduced to number of leading research personalities in the UFO field and has cooperated with Dr.Ruth McKinley Hower who was a member of professor John Mack's organization PEER.Borkovich appeared on number of TV and radio shows over years.In recent times he actively travels the world in pursuit of new discoveries and finding of missing pieces of the worldwide UFO puzzle.An enormous ammount of very new evidence he has collected he will present to the audiences in future books and videos,So stay  tuned....lot more is comming.Borkovich welcomes all serious dialog and information which will help both him and public at large in collectively understanding the true nature and origin of this fascinating reality.