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Spicey Ky

<p>Hey Everybody. It&#8217;s Spicey Ky. I&#8217;m a YouTuber, blogger, content writer, marketer and eBook author. I&#8217;ve been writing content and marketing brands professionally since 2011. I was introduced to it by, now millionaire, Ty Cohen of the Kindle Cash Flow program.</p><p>As I sat in his webinar learning the ins and outs of self-publishing via KDP, I realized for the first time, that there was a market for writers. I had always dreamed of becoming a famous author someday. But, I always assumed that would take a lot of money.</p><p>By the time I found myself in Ty&#8217;s webinar, I had just been laid off from a telecom job for the umpteenth time. And I&#8217;d had enough. Ja War understood, swooped in and got me access so I could learn what Ty was teaching about making money publishing eBooks online.</p><p>However, I didn&#8217;t have the cash flow needed to follow the model. There was no way I could jump in head first and start outsourcing work to ghostwriters all over the place. But I had full intentions on getting my work published through KDP.</p>