About the author

Danielle Norman

Before becoming a romance writer, I was a body double for Heidi Klum and a backup singer for Adele. Now, I spend my days trying to play keep away from Theo James who won't stop calling me and asking me out.&nbsp;<br><br>And all of this happens before I wake up and face reality where in fact I'm a 50 something mom with grown kids, I've been married longer than Theo's been alive, and I now get my kicks riding a Harley.<br>As far as my body, I thank, Ben &amp; Jerry's for that as well as gravity. And I could never be Adele's backup since I never stop saying the F-word long enough actually to sing.<br><br>My books are about kickass women with even better shoes and the men that try to tame them (silly silly men).<br>