About the author

Immaculate. M.H

<p/><p>&#160; &#160;Immaculate.M.H was born in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. An avid reader with a passion for writing from an early age with a goal of giving the characters in her head a home and creating something of change to the world.</p><p>&#160;She&#8217;s a multi-genre writer who mostly enjoys making short stories, novels, and poetry. Currently, she&#8217;s working on a number of projects; a lot of LGBTQ fiction and two nonfiction books that she hopes to release before next June, 2023.</p><p>On her free time, you&#8217;d find her lost between bookshelves at the library or a bookstore downtown.</p><p>Immaculate also runs a substack newsletter called &#8216;One More Book&#8217; about books, bookworms, and writers, so join her lounge at onemorebook.substack.com or subscribe at https://onemorebook.substack.com/p/welcome-to-my-newsletter where she shows her work.</p><p/><p/>