About the author

Alyne Hart

<p>Hello, I&#39;m Alyne Hart. A contemporary romance author living in the state of Washington with my two children. I&#39;m a romance junkie, happy ending addict, cat collector and wine lover.<br /> <br /> I began my story-telling journey first with my dolls, then it progressed to paper. I have a deep love for anything romantic, and I&#39;m a believer that in love anything is possible.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I write (mostly) strong, witty and intelligent women who love fiercely. And strong, sexy, intelligent men - alpha heroes with a heart of gold. Then I add in my own little fantasy - they can all cook.<br /> <br /> Most of my stories involve people with problems bigger than just trying to find love. I like making peace with the past, re-kindling old flames and healing old wounds. I love small towns, second chances, cowboys, rock stars, and men in uniform.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Follow me:<br /> Newsletter &rarr; https://mailchi.mp/a8a0de143ef8/alynehart<br /> Facebook &rarr; http://bit.ly/2w89KNP<br /> Blog &rarr; http://bit.ly/2vxvmGy<br /> Goodreads &rarr; http://bit.ly/2vv8S8S<br /> Bookbub &rarr; http://bit.ly/2fyhncE</p>