About the author

Talia Ellison

<p> Talia Ellison is the author of <em>Hold Me</em>, <em>Unfold Me</em>, the <em>Loving Your Enemy</em> series, the <em>Your Love Is Dangerous</em> series, <em>Destroying the Billionaire</em>, <em>The Mafia Proposal</em> series, the <em>My Broken Hitman</em> series, the <em>Her Dark Mafia Heart</em> duet, the <em>Owned by the Mafia Queen</em> series, the <em>Never His</em> duet, the <em>Taking Revenge on Her Bully</em> series, and the <em>Varano Mafia</em> series. She loves to read and write all kinds of romance, and she has a thing for broken, tortured heroes and fierce heroines who aren't afraid to take what they want. When she’s not busy with a book, she likes to watch TV shows and listen to music.<br><br><br>Never miss a new release! Sign up for Talia’s newsletter: https://taliaellison.weebly.com/newsletter.html<br></p>