About the author

Udai Narain Tewari

<p>Prof. Udai Narain Tewari taught Indology at the</p><p>Humboldt University, Berlin in the early seventies. In mid</p><p>the eighties, he was assigned by the Government of India to</p><p>program teaching of Indian Culture at the University of</p><p>Guyana, Georgetown. During the intervening period Prof.</p><p>Tewari worked with the media both at home and abroad. A</p><p>creative journalist, he wrote art reviews in regular columns</p><p>of reputed Dailies and Weeklies. His encounter with the</p><p>critical and appreciative discipline helped the developing</p><p>him a unique acquaintance with the unforgeable ideals,</p><p>the dreams, the wisdom, the buoyant energy and love of</p><p>life and nature &#8211; the many splendor columns in the grand</p><p>the mansion is known as Indian Culture. The same acquaintance,</p><p>with his poetic vision, unfolds itself in the form of INDIA &#8211;</p><p>A CULTURAL VOYAGE.</p><p><strong>OTHER BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR:-</strong></p><p><em>Resurgent Tibet: A cause for NAM; Bharatiya Sanskriti : Ek</em></p><p><em>Ajasra Pravah; Germany : Desh Aur Niwasi; A Practical Hindi</em></p>