About the author

Oliver Markus Malloy

<p><strong>Oliver Markus Malloy is a German-American novelist and comic artist. Born and raised in&#160;Aachen, Germany, he currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.</strong><br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; Malloy began his writing career in the early 1990s, as editor-in-chief of a computer magazine with a monthly circulation of over 500,000, which was distributed by Germany's largest publishing house. After moving to New York, he was the art director for a newspaper in Manhattan, and later the production manager for a newspaper in Brooklyn, before he began publishing his cartoons online in May 2000. He has never had another 9-5 job since.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; His bestselling trilogy, <em>Bad Choices Make Good Stories</em>, has been downloaded over 100,000 times on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books and Kobo.</p>