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Marty Knox

<p>I&rsquo;m Marty Knox, a. retired math teacher and computer science instructor, BSBA, MED Math. Lived in Arizona for thirty-eight years. I dwell in a small town in Missouri (pop. 600+) in the spring; summer, fall, &amp; alternate a winter visit to Arizona.</p><p>I&rsquo;ve worked as a graphic artist, photographer, web designer, programmer, typesetter, technical writer, &amp; illustrator. My publishing background is in newspaper &amp; book publishing, acquisitions, editing, advertising, marketing, and sales. Ruben Donnelly. Cox Newspapers, Carter Art Service, a Math &amp; Science College textbook publisher, and a Satellite Electronic offshoot of Motorola.</p><p>I taught Computer Science, Math, ESL, &amp; GED at Arizona Community Colleges on the Pima, Navajo, and Hopi Rez, &amp; the High School Math Department Chair on the Apache Rez.</p><p>I&rsquo;m a member of professional writing groups: SINC, Sleuths Ink, and Joplin Writers Guild. Also a member of AEA and NEA.</p><p>Contact me for a reader ARC copy of future books in the series:</p><p>Murder@ the Black Mesa Salon Book 2</p><p>Murder@ the Black Mesa Dance Book 3</p><p>Murder@ the Black Mesa Mailbox Book 4</p><p>martyknox4.gmail.com</p><p>If you are interested in my ideas for upcoming books you can follow me on my storyboards at:www.pinterest.com/marthaknox58</p><p>If you have questions about Arizona, or the Minerva Doyle Mystery Series I&rsquo;ll answer them on my blog. https://martyknoxblackmesa.blogspot.com</p>