About the author

Annie Reed

<p>A frequent contributor to both <em>Fiction River</em><em> </em>and <em>Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, </em>Annie&rsquo;s longer work includes the near-future science fiction short novel <em>In Dreams,</em> the gritty urban fantasy<em> </em>novel <em>Iris &amp; Ivy, </em>and the superhero novel <em>Faster</em>. Annie&rsquo;s short fiction appears regularly on Tangent Online&rsquo;s recommended reading lists, and &ldquo;The Color of Guilt,&rdquo; originally published in <em>Fiction River: Hidden in Crime, </em>was selected as one of <em>The Best Crime and Mystery Stories 2016.</em> A founding member and contributor to the innovative Uncollected Anthology, Annie can be found on the web at www.annie-reed.com.<br /> &nbsp;</p>