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Jean-Baptiste Piggin

<p>Jean-Baptiste Piggin started digging up the untold early history of diagrams a decade ago. Both the origin of the Great Stemma &ndash; the topic of <strong>Mind&#39;s Eye</strong> &ndash; and brand-new evidence about the making of the Peutinger Table, a late antique chart of the Roman world, rank as his major discoveries. Born in New Zealand where he graduated from the University of Auckland Law School, he is married with three adult sons. After a 40-year career in international journalism, including periods in London, Wellington, Paris, Berlin and other cities, he lives in Germany.&nbsp; As a service to scholarship his unofficial weekly newsletter reports on accessions to the Vatican Library&rsquo;s vast digital manuscripts portal. He founded and curates a virtual <em>Library of Latin Diagrams</em> and a sensuous garden of flowering shrubs. Follow his newest discoveries on Twitter at @JBPiggin</p>