About the author

Winnie Winkle

<p>Winnie Winkle is a fabulous Central Florida broad who swills bourbon, likes dogs and cats, and practices yoga, but not with any degree of grace. Supporting live local music is a pretty big deal to Winnie, so if you pass a gravestone that admonishes, &#39;Go see the band and hit the tip jar&#39;, it&#39;s probably hers. But, since she&#39;s not dead yet, she&#39;ll keep penning fun stuff to rock your reading chair.<br /> <br /> Winnie has lived in Florida for 30 years and splits her time between South Daytona Shores and the Mount Dora area. She prefers writing beach-side as much as she can because, if we&rsquo;re baring our souls here, the ocean is a mighty muse and there&rsquo;s only so much that coffee can do.<br /> <br /> Winnie writes for the series &quot;The Worlds or Magic, New Mexico&quot; in the paranormal romance/sci-fi romance genres. She also writes speculative women&#39;s fiction and fantasy.</p>