About the author

Atina Atwood

<p>Mom, wife, business owner, a classically trained vocalist, occasional university instructor and incurable book-addict, Atina can&rsquo;t resist sticking her fingers in as many pots as she can reach. Passionate about love, learning, and fair chances, after earning her Ph.D. in less than 3 years, she began reading and writing Romance (the <em>best</em> recovery method ever).</p><p></p><p>A relative newbie in America&rsquo;s Finest City, Atina loves highlighting aspects of San Diego in her books. Faith, hope, and love guide her days, fueling her addiction to HEA&rsquo;s. She&rsquo;s happy and content with her husband and darling toddler and is totally open to having a loving house pet in the future.</p>