About the author

Dale Hartley Emery

<p>Dale Hartley Emery writes fiction in a variety of genres, including fantasy, crime fiction, and mainstream fiction. His fantasy stories include <em>Refund,</em>&nbsp;<em>Tailor&#39;s Tears</em>, and&nbsp;<em>Yantriel&#39;s Privy</em><em>.</em></p><p>Dale has worked as a failed shoemaker, reluctant dairy farmer, and ruthless ice cream man. For several years he monitored the nuclear test ban treaty, making sure those pesky commies didn&#39;t blow up the planet. (They didn&#39;t.)</p><p>When he isn&#39;t writing, Dale advises software teams and leaders about how to play nice together. Colleagues in Dale&#39;s industry once created a special award for him for being reasonable.</p><p>Dale lives in California with his wife.</p>