About the author

Baktash Vafaei

<p>Baktash Vafaei is an author who specializes in non-fiction books about travel in the United States.<br>He has published several books, including "Where America Ends and the Tropics Begin," "Florida<br>with Kids: Adventure and Fun for the Whole Family," and "On the Road in Miami."<br>In his books, Baktash Vafaei gives readers valuable tips and advice to make the most of their travels<br>in the United States. It describes sights, local specialties, outdoor activities and much more. With<br>his extensive knowledge of the U.S. and his passion for travel, he inspires readers to discover new<br>places and go on adventures. His books are a perfect choice for travelers who want to explore the<br>U.S. and are looking for an authentic experience. With his recommendations, he helps readers create<br>memorable travel experiences.</p>