About the author

Chris Brooks

<p><strong>Chris Brooks</strong></p><p><strong><em>Author, Word Smith and Scrumper Extraordinaire</em></strong></p><p><em>Chris Brooks&nbsp;is English but living in rural Spain. </em><em>Having&nbsp;moved&nbsp;to&nbsp;Valencia Province&nbsp;for the wonderful climate,&nbsp;glorious countryside and to be able to pursue her&nbsp;lifelong dream of writing&nbsp;as a career,&nbsp;she has&nbsp;a busy life&nbsp;with lots to do, finding time for&nbsp;writing between looking after her dogs, cat and partner,&nbsp;working on her&nbsp;Mediterranean garden, renovating her&nbsp;Spanish finca and Perfecting Marmalade.</em></p><p><em>She&nbsp;is dog obsessed, book obsessed and garden obsessed; and&nbsp;yearns for self-sufficiency. Everything else is liable to change</em></p>